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Module 1: Lost Lagoon

Module 2: What We Don't See

Module 3: Are We Robots?

Photo Gallery

Photo by Cease Wyss 2
Photo by Olivier Salvas
Photo by Cease Wyss
Overlooking Lost Lagoon

Overlooking Lost Lagoon are three beautiful faces of local matriarchs. These images were created by a team of young indigenous women [Rachel George- Tseil Watuth/ Chrystal Sparrow - Whu-Muthqueam/ Senaqwila Wyss- Skwxwu7mesh] with Lead Artist Melanie Schambach and her assistant, Mutya Macatumpag. This work was commissioned in 2013. Due to complications from the commissioning society, it went through a censorship process that was finally lifted. The censorship was based on the now former ED of the Stanley Park Ecology Society having concerns that the indigenous women’s faces represented in these mural works were alien to the modern society. This work is about reconciliation and remediation of indigenous people in indigenous spaces.