Module 2: What We Don't See

Written on 01/25/2021
Vancouver Biennale


For this final project, you will  research an element of biodiversity in Vancouver and to create a model or a drawing of the element of the biodiversity of their choice within the ecosystem that they live in. When working on your ecosystem, you must find the connections between the element of diversity and the Ocean.

The model/drawing can be done using elements of a maker space or at the computer.

When adding the picture/video of the project on the app,  write in a description about how the element of biodiversity they chose is related to the Ocean.

You can use some of the following links to help you create your ecosystem: 

Beaty Museum

Biodiversity BC

Visualizing BC Biodiversity


Raincoast Applied Ecology

Nature Trust

Government of Canada


Vancouver Aquarium

Stanley Park Ecology Society